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Welcome to Underdog Training Academy!

Train your dog to be a champion with our programs.


We specialize in foundational obedience, public access, behavior modification, and tasks & work. 


At the end of our programs, other dog owners will wish their dog(s) behaved as well as yours.


 Underdog Training Academy serves all of Northeast Ohio.

Why are we called Underdog Training Academy?


Dogs are being surrendered to shelters at an alarming rate. Therefore, we think that dogs being brought into new families and environments make them underdogs. We never want to see a dog re-homed, but the reality is that not all dogs will adapt well right away in their new homes. You can train your dog to be a champion with Underdog Training Academy!

How do we like to train?


It’s dog training, but we like to think of it more as relationship building. There is no greater bond than dog and owner, and we want our clients to experience the same joy we get to experience every day with our own dogs. We empower you with education on how to get the results you desire.  From obedience training to behavior modification, Underdog Training Academy has got you covered. 

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Darla learned so much!  She learned how to stay and wait and for long periods of time. Towards the end of training, we could completely walk into a different room, and she would actually stay. Josh came to our house which was so convenient and beneficial because I think she did better at home where she was comfortable. He even brought his own dog, Lilly, a couple times for distraction training which was amazing when we were trying to get her to learn to come when we call.  He is very affordable and knowledgeable I would recommend him to anyone looking for any kind of dog training.

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