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Training Programs


Underdog offers several programs to meet your dog training needs. Schedule a free assessment by clicking on the link below.

View Our Training Programs

Train your dog to be a champion with these awesome programs.

Our Programs

Foundational Obedience

This program can be completed in a group class or 1-on-1 training. In 6 sessions at our facility your dog will learn service dog level obedience and proper socialization. You will learn loving leadership and how to communicate with your dog. 

Behavior Modification

We will help you understand why your dog is misbehaving and how to make those behaviors stop.

Public Access Training

We will work in our facility on staying calm and following direction. We will then go to dog friendly public venues to put what you and your dog have learned to the test.

Tasks and Work

We will train your dog to successfully complete jobs. Jobs are mentally stimulating for dogs and can include a variety of different tasks.

Training Packages
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