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Darla learned so much! She completed the Advanced Package at Underdog Training Academy. She learned how to stay and wait and for long periods of time. Towards the end of training, we could completely walk into a different room, and she would actually stay. Josh came to our house which was so convenient and beneficial because I think she did better at home where she was comfortable. He even brought his own dog, Lilly, a couple times for distraction training which was amazing when we were trying to get her to learn to come when we call.  He is very affordable and knowledgeable I would recommend him to anyone looking for any kind of dog training.


Josh did a great job training my 2-year-old lab/hound mix, Sam. Sam is very obedient and well behaved. He no longer guards his bones and toys, walks perfect on leash, and loves car rides (he wouldn’t get in the car).

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Our girl, Athena, started getting “protective/aggressive” issues towards certain dogs and toys. Josh did amazing with her! It took us around 4 private sessions and an extra one with his sweet dog Lilly, to see how much she improved since the first session and it went great. My husband and I really liked him and we can assure you he is great with dogs and he really knows how to understand and read a dog. He also teaches you how to train them and to understand the issues they go through with another point of view. I was very overwhelmed with Athena and he taught me how to control that in front of my girl so that it wouldn't affect her. We got amazing tips from him that we use every day. If you're looking for dog training don’t hesitate to reach out to him, you won’t regret it.

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